How To Manage Sites In Templately?

Templately lets you access WordPress templates on a specific number of live sites (and unlimited local sites) according to the Subscription plan you’re using. You can easily manage sites that you have connected to your Templately account from the ‘Manage Sites’ tab in just a few steps. 

Read the steps below to learn how site management in Templately works. 

How To Manage Sites In Templately? #

You can check the number number of sites you will be able to connect to your Templately account from the Subscription Plans here. Afterward, you can find and manage sites as needed.

Step 1: Log in to your Templately account with the necessary credentials. You can check out this documentation for a detailed guide.

Manage Sites In Templately 1

Step 2: Head over to the ‘Manage Sites’ tab. This is where all your connected websites will be listed with their Site URL, connected date, type, and status. You will be able to manage site statuses and take action from this tab.

Manage Sites In Templately 2

How To Manage Site Status? #

If you’re a free user, you can access WordPress templates from up to 2 websites. Then you need to set your site’s status – one as ‘Primary’ and another as ‘Secondary.’ You can change your Primary site to Secondary anytime and vice-versa. Follow the step-by-step guideline to learn how you can manage site status in Templately.

Step 1: From the ‘Manage Sites’ tab, click on the three-dot menu settings button for your site. Select the ‘Set As Primary’ or ‘Set As Secondary’ option as shown below. 

Manage Sites In Templately 3

And done; your site’s status will be updated immediately. This is how a free user can set the status for their connected websites in Templately.

How To Remove A Connected Site From Templately? #

To connect Templately to a new site after reaching the subscription plan limit, you will need to remove one of your existing sites from your Templately account. And then proceed to add Templately to the new website.

Step 1: Log into your Templately account and switch to the ‘Manage Sites’ tab as shown below, and click on the close icon for the site you want to delete.

Manage Sites In Templately 2

Step 2: Now go to the website that you want to connect to your Templately account and enjoy access to all free and PRO WordPress templates. 

Thus, you can insert purchased single template packs or pages easily. Getting stuck? Contact our support team for any help you need.

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