How To Make A WooCommerce Shop Page Using WooCommerce Templates From Templately?

With Templately WooCommerce templates, you can create stunning shop pages, product pages, and so much more for your eCommerce website. To do this, you first need to set up your WooCommerce store.

Afterward, you can create your WooCommerce shop page in Elementor using the ready Elementor template packs from Templately. Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to create a shop page with WooCommerce templates in Templately.

How To Create A Shop Page With WooCommerce Templates? #

After setting up your WooCommerce store, you need to install & activate Essential Addons For Elementor WordPress plugin on your website. This is because some of the shop page templates in Templately are made with the Woo Product Grid and Woo Product Collection elements from Essential Addons. It is the most popular addon for Elementor with over 1 million happy users

To activate these WooCommerce elements from Essential Addons, simply install Essential Addons WordPress plugin on your website. Next, navigate to Essential Addons→Elements and scroll down to the WooCommerce Elements section. Toggle to enable these elements and click on ‘Save Changes’.

Shop Pages

How To Create WooCommerce Shop Pages With Templately? #

Go to ‘Pages’ from the WordPress dashboard. Then, edit your WooCommerce shop page and click on ‘Edit with Elementor’. Once the Elementor Editor is done loading, you can insert ready WooCommerce templates from Templately and customize them by following these steps below.

Step 1: Insert A WooCommerce Template From Templately #

Click on the ‘Templately Blue’ icon and search for any WooCommerce templates from Templately template library. Check the dependencies to see which plugins are required for using the template. For this tutorial, we will be using the ‘Mellafex Shop Page’. Simply click on the ‘Insert’ button to add the template to your website. 

WooCommerce shop pages

When the template is done loading, this is how your WooCommerce shop page will appear on your website by default.

WooCommerce Shop Page

Step 2: Customize Your WooCommerce Shop Page In Elementor #

You can now customize your WooCommerce shop page any way you want in Elementor Editor. From the ‘Content’ tab you can choose different layouts for your WooCommerce shop page, while from the ‘Style’ tab, you can change the colors, typography, font styles, and much more. 

If the WooCommerce template you have chosen is built using Essential Addons for Elementor, then you may see that the Woo Product Grid or Woo Product Collections elements have been used for your WooCommerce shop page. You can customize these elements any way you want in Elementor Editor.

WooCommerce Shop Pages

Step 3: Publish Your WooCommerce Shop Page #

After you have customized your WooCommerce shop page, all that’s left to do is publish the page. You can also save your WooCommerce template to MyCloud by right-clicking anywhere on your page and selecting the ‘Save Page To Templately’ option. 

WooCommerce Shop Pages

By following these simple steps, you can make a shop page with WooCommerce templates in Templately

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