How Does The Templately Full Site Import Work (All Details)?

Templately offers a convenient full-site import feature that allows users to effortlessly integrate their preferred template packs into their websites with just a single click. Follow the steps below to understand the seamless process of how Templately Full Site Import functions and explore all the details.

How Templately Full Site Import Works? #

Templately 1-click Full Site Import will help you to import your entire template pack only changing your existing design and not going to affect your current content at all. By opting to import the entire pack, your existing design will be automatically changed without any risk of removal or disruption. 

You can get complete flexibility to decide later which design you should keep or discard for your existing website page. 

Templately Full Site Import

How To Configure Templately Full Site Import Feature? #

Here in this section, you will get a step-by-step guide to import the full-site template of Templately below:  

Step 1: Log in to your Templately account with the necessary credentials. You can check out this documentation for a detailed guide.

Templately Full Site Import

Step 2: Once you sign in, you can see the Templately dashboard that showcases all ready templates. You can find the ‘Full Site Import’ tag on the templates that support full site import. 

Templately Full Site Import

Now, you just have to pick any of these template packs and hit the ‘Insert Full Site’ button on the right-hand side panel. 

Templately Full Site Import

It will come up with a window, you can insert the ‘Site Title’ and ‘Site Tagline’ there. Afterward, just hit the ‘Continue’ button, it will automatically ‘Import Dummy Content’ there and will showcase you a list of ‘Required Dependencies’

Note: If you don’t want any dummy content to install with your desired template pack, simply just uncheck the ‘Import Dummy Content’ option

Templately Full Site Import

If any of the dependencies are not being installed, just press the ‘Install And Proceed’ button. It will then install all dependencies and automatically live your required Templately template pack. And that’s it, you can now hit the ‘Visit Your Website’ and preview the changes.

Note: Templately Full Site Import feature will change the ‘Home Page’ and ‘Blog page’ settings. However, you can easily manage these settings through your WordPress dashboard Settings → Reading option and make the changes as per your preference.  

Templately Full Site Import

Thus, you can insert the entire template pack easily just with one click. Getting stuck? Contact our support team for any help you need.

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